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Catering 365 provide Spectacular Food and Beverage served by Friendly Professional Service Staff. Catering 365 source quality ingredients from local based artisan growers, producers and suppliers. We provide a bespoke catering service that is unrivalled. We refuse to provide industrious mass produced food items – preferring instead to lean toward a quality home cooked and handmade items of food. Catering 365 is a professional organisation servicing the needs and wants of a wide and diverse client base. We provide special dietary requirements. We are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly caterers. . Team Catering 365 (including award-winning Masterchefs) provide you, the client, with an event and experience to be remembered.

Catering 365 was established to provide a professional catering service which would be available to the private, public and corporate segments of the market. We liaise directly with our suppliers, locally sourcing the best ingredients at the best price, in order to bring the best products to each and every client.

Catering 365 realise that each and every event is special and deserves 101%; we don’t just listen, we hear our clients, noting their precise needs and wants, to compile a menu that suits each occasion specifically. The execution of each event is something in which Catering 365 take immense pride and interest in, understanding that the ambience of each event is as important as the fare provided, thus ensuring that each client has the event that they have envisaged. Fresh food, Fresh ideas and a Fresh approach are the hallmarks of the product offered by Catering 365.

Professional Catering Services:

Deiric Paula and Darragh have many years experience in the business, catering at such prestigious venues as:

The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin Castle, The GPO, The Dept. of Foreign Affairs, The Dept. of An Taoiseach as well as many other government departments and embassies around Dublin city. They have overseen the catering of weddings, christenings, birthday celebrations, product launches, art exhibitions, opening nights, Gala Dinners, State Dinners, and more. Wherever professional catering services are required Catering 365 has the expertise to outshine its competitors, and put others in the shade.

Dublin & Kildare Catering Company:

Situated in Naas, Co. Kildare, beside the N7, Catering 365 is only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre and has direct access via the M50 to all routes. Our aim is to always provide excellence in our food and in its service, once you have imagined an event we aim to bring it to fruition – exceeding your expectations. With meticulous attention to detail, Catering 365 have achieved an enviable reputation: once you have engaged Catering 365 you can rest assured that your event is in capable and experienced hands. Servicing the catering needs of the Dublin, Kildare and surrounding areas, Catering 365 is not just a catering company it’s the catering company for you.

A Guide to Choosing the right Caterer

With so many service providers available to you, choosing a Professional Caterer can be a difficult task. To help you with your search we have produced a free guide that contains guidelines and tips to help you choose the right caterer. We hope you find it helpful.

Food For Thought

Recent research shows that one of the most important elements for a successful corporate or private event is the quality and quantity of food and drink served. Your caterer can therefore often be the key to ensuring your guests enjoy the event.

There are many caterers competing to provide services for your event. Some are more professional than others. This guide attempts to give objective advice to assist you in your search for a professional and trust-worthy caterer. At the end of the guide you will find a helpful ‘Choosing Your Caterer’ checklist.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Caterer

1. Your caterer must be registered with their local Health Board.

All Irish catering activities are now governed by the European Communities (Hygiene of Foodstuffs) Regulations 1998 and the European Communities (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations 1998.

All food premises must be registered with an Environmental Health Officer. If in doubt ask your caterer to furnish a copy of their registration documents.

Ask prospective caterers if their premises are licensed by their local Health Board. Registration ensures that you and your guests will be fully protected by the strict regulations in place. The absence of registration is a strong indication that they do not meet even the baseline food standards required by European and Irish law to supply foodstuffs.

2. Insurance will protect you and your guests.

For your protection and peace of mind it is crucial that your caterer is fully insured against product, public and employee liabilities. Thankfully instances of food poisoning in Ireland are relatively low. However, other liabilities may arise if employees receive injury during your event.

Always ask any potential provider of catering services about the insurance policies they have in place. Are copies of insurance certificates available?

To protect all parties it is important that your caterer is fully insured. A caterer’s insurance means that you wont have to worry about such liabilities arising, leaving you free to concentrate on the event itself. If your caterer does not have commercial insurance, you may be dealing with a less than reputable operator, one who may also be willing to cut corners in other areas, which may reflect badly on your business or organisation.

3. Proven Track Record – What do you know about potential catering providers?

If you have no previous experience with potential catering providers it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. You can also ask potential catering providers for details of their client lists, and testimonials from those clients.

Word of mouth and referrals are the primary marketing tool in the catering industry.

4. Professional service staff.

If you require food service at your event you should inquire about service staff provided by the caterer. Are staff properly trained? You should inquire as to ratio of service staff to guests. Will the staff wear uniform? You should also ask the caterer to provide you with detailed information on any additional charges related of staff.

Always seek details on the service component of any catering proposal and confirm all costs relating to service staff.

5. Quality & Quantity of food and drink served is crucial.

Guests will form perceptions of the host based on their experience at the event. Of all aspects, the quality and quantity of food and drink served may have the greatest impact on the formation of those perceptions.

Your clients or guests will appreciate eating food that has been freshly prepared rather than ‘fresh’ out of a packet. When serving wines, professional caterers will endeavour to allow whites to properly chill and reds time to breath at room temperature before being served.

Professional caterers should prepare foodstuffs specifically to your order using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Be assured, clients and guests notice the small details – the professionalism of your caterer and the quality of the food and service will directly reflect on you and your business.

6. Food should be transported in refrigerated vehicles.

Does your caterer deliver food to your premises in a refrigerated vehicle? Under current legislation all foodstuffs must be transported in a suitable environment, which in most cases means a chilled atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to ask all prospective caterers about the food transportation vehicles they employ.

Refrigerated vans are easily recognisable by the fridge units on their roofs.

If your caterer arrives with food in a domestic car you may have serious reason to be concerned.

7. Think of your caterer as a business consultant.

Professional caterers should offer more than just food and drink – they should offer solutions to your business challenges. A professional caterer should go the extra mile to make your event a success. They should give guidance and make suggestions, but also listen to what you want. A good caterer should act as a consultant and partner with you in the entire process of organising your event. When requesting quotations or proposals feel free to seek advice and/or suggestions on how to run your event.

Caterers will often have a wealth of experience and knowledge that you should consult and leverage to your advantage.

8. Professionalism & Flexibility

Flexibility is extremely important – will your caterer make changes for special dietary needs or ethnic considerations? The ever-increasing diversity of Irish society makes this a serious concern when choosing a caterer. As a host you do not want to offend any of your guests cultural or religious beliefs.

A good caterer should act in a timely and professional manner and be able to make amendments and changes to virtually all aspects of the service they offer so as to achieve the best fit between your challenge and their solution.

Challenge all prospective caterers to see how timely, professional and flexible they will be in response.

9. Finally, a quality professional caterer will deliver on their promises.

If your current caterer lets you down it’s probably time to change provider.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable caterer Catering 365 would love to hear from you.
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At Catering 365 we understand that every client expects their event to be special and our aim is to fulfill those expectations. Browse our extensive menus, if you don’t see something to suit you don’t worry, we will tailor our services to suit your needs and deliver a premier catering service and a day that you and your guests will remember.

Once you have engaged Catering 365 you can rest assured that your event is in the hands of a professional catering company, relax and let us do the work. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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