Corporate Catering, what we offer and what you should know

Leaving the right impression with your employees, clients and team members is an important task. Corporate events big or small make a lasting impression on visitors and team members alike. Having a professional corporate catering team on your side is one sure way to boost everyone’s experience and reduce some of the planning stress for such events.


At Catering 365 we have worked on all manner of events from small private luncheons to open plan race day functions and Christmas gatherings.


We provide a professional team of cooks, waiter, cleaners, and hosts to provide your guests and employees with a relaxed, wholesome, and tasty experience. Catering does not just stop with the food, it involves excellent presentation, a welcoming smile and an after service that is memorable for all involved.


Corporate Catering Services we provide:

  • All cutlery and cooking equipment
  • Cleaning services
  • Serving options
  • Waitressing
  • Special dietary meals
  • Menu selection
  • Wine selection
  • Serving options (BBQ, Buffet, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast)
  • Fully insured and trained staff
  • A dedicated and passionate team


We gave a varied menu to suit all tastes and functions from light breakfast menus to multi-course dinners, we cater to all needs and wants including, dairy, gluten, vegan and vegetarian options.


You can discuss any special requirements without team members, and we can come up with a menu that will suit your guests and events.


Whether its charity event, corporate sit down or family fun day, make sure to have a team by your side who will do the work for you so you can get down to business. Catering 365 are always ready to provide a service you will enjoy and be proud of.


You will find that we are different from our competition in terms of the approach and execution of our services, we don’t believe in the mass production of service, but of a homely approach which makes your experience that much better.


Still not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced about the merits of hiring Catering 365, here are just a few more ways having us on board will help you and your business stand out:


Reputation is everything:

Our livelihood depends on our reputation and the referrals we receive by the people who attend our events. That is why Catering 365 go above and beyond at every event that we service. Mediocre service, food and presentation can not only ruin an evening but our business to. We employ the best catering cooks and waiters. Those with plenty of experience within the industry and who can manage any situation which may arise.


There is a lot of work involved:

Once you have a venue picked and a catering company is chosen, your work should be almost complete. Of course, there will be always thinned to do during an event, but Catering 365 is here to take most of the work away from you. Giving you more time and energy for the rest of the entertainment. The setup, orders, cooking, cleaning, and packing up is our job. We have been in the business for years and can work independently to get the job done to your standards.


Do you have an upcoming Corporate Catering Event


Contact the team today at 01 539 4244 or 045 938632, send us a mail: – or if you wish complete our Online Form, see here.


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