Hire a Professional Caterer and Catering Company in Dublin and Enjoy These Fantastic Benefits

Hosting an event, party or celebration is tiresome and tedious. Most of the time, the host won’t even get to enjoy the event as they rightfully should.


There are also times when the number of guests is simply too large to self-cater adequately. Whatever your reasons for wanting to have a catering service at your event in Dublin, it’s certainly the right call.


Aside from these obvious advantages of capacity and convenience, there are other reasons why a professional caterer is a way to go for private, corporate, religious, and even public events.


Professional Cooking and Service from Experts


Hiring caterers ensure that you only get the best services. Caterers are always trained and certified in the art and know all the best practices, not to mention a few in-house tricks for superior food.  You can see our full story and our countless years of experience on our About Us page, starting off our history from Dublin.


When you are hosting guests with a distinguished palate, you will be glad to have a highly regarded caterer and chef in your corner. Even with just family and friends, they will appreciate the change from regular cooking to some truly great cooking.


Professional service also means that drinks such as wine, beer, beverages, and even cocktails receive the same high-quality treatment. You can see our full wine list here. Hiring a good caterer ensures that your guests will remember your party long after it is over.


Higher Quality and Quantity Standards


Paper plates, disposable cups, and frozen food are typical of a small-sized party here in Dublin. At least, unless the host really goes out of their way to cook every dish themselves.


Hiring an event caterer instead ensures that you can enjoy food and drinks leisurely from high-quality utensils and cutlery. Most will cook and deliver the food fresh from the pan to ensure the best taste and aroma.


Moreover, catering companies are beholden to industry standards and regulations, especially when it comes to safety, food hygiene and quality standards. If you want to take no chances with your event, find a good Dublin catering company…such as Catering 365!




Reliability is telling your guests the event will start at 10 am, and actually having it start at that time. When you don’t have to worry about food, sitting, or even venue preparation, you can focus more on your event and less on the finer details.


Marquee events are particularly challenging to plan and organize. With a team of experienced caterers, you can get a lot off your plate and leave the details to the professionals.


In the possible case that something unexpected happens, such as more guests than planned for, such a company can easily cover the excess.


Check out our reviews throughout Dublin from our Corporate and our Private clients, submitted reviews and Facebook and Google Reviews.




Today, a lot of people are on various diets by choice or because of health reasons. When your event has vegans, vegetarians, various dieters, and a smattering of guests intolerant to lactose and nuts, it can be impossible to keep everyone happy.


Unless, of course, you have a team of savvy caterers to whip up a delicious dish for everybody. Having a caterer on site is the only way to look after everybody’s needs short of having your party and an actual restaurant.  See our full list of menus on the left hand menu throughout the site, which can be catered and tailored to your specific corporate or private catering event.


Save Time


Self-catered events take months to prepare. You have to shop for food, prepare it, preserve some in advance, and serve it on the actual day. For events such as weddings and religious celebrations, this is time that could have found a better application elsewhere.


Hire Event Caterers in Dublin…Catering 365


Whenever you have a party, event, or celebration to organize in Dublin, think of Catering 365. The company has a wonderful team of caterers, especially the founders Deiric and Paula.


Catering 365 focuses on delicious, handmade dishes as opposed to the more common “mass-produced” event food. Coupled with the first-class service, you can always count on Deiric and Paula to deliver an unforgettable Dublin catering company experience in your event. Contact the team here to request a free quote.

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